Welcome aboard! Being inspired by many other boaters out there through the adventures chronicled in their web pages, I felt that maybe I could contribute something to the community as well. Join me as a I set out on an adventure as a first time sailboat owner. This is the story of my first boat, Blind Ambition.


(If you're not interested in my life's story and want to just get to the good stuff, feel free to skip this part. )

As a boy, I grew up in the small, coastal town of Spanish Ship Bay, Nova Scotia and spent a lot of time around boats and water. Although it is a fishing town, the fishery was pretty much gone by the time I was born, so I never spent much time on the boats like those before me. There were still some lobster fishermen but I spent more of my time in speed boats and canoes.

When I moved to Fredericton in 1999 the thing I missed most was the ocean. I never thought the river could even come close to replacing it. To be honest, the river really can't replace the ocean, but I found that on the river they did something almost no one did at home - sailing. Unless you count tours of tall ships while they're docked, I'd never even been on a sailboat before coming to Fredericton. It was sometime near the end of my undergraduate degree when I first was on a boat actually under sail power. I immediately loved it.

Not having a clue about how to sail, I spent a few years working with my friend Rik Hall on his Tanzer 28, Gypsey Rover II while I was in gradschool. I started cleaning, then more cleaning, and finally sailing her a little myself (with good supervision, of course!). I'd taken a "Learn to Sail" course in the summer of 2007 from the Fredericton Youth Sailing School at the Small Craft Aquatic Centre of Fredericton and was a least a little bit competant at this point. I certainly wasn't going to enter any races, but I could at least get where I wanted to most of the time.

It was during this same summer that we took a trip up the river to the Mactaquac Headpond to look at some Tanzer 22s that I made up my mind that it was time I got a boat of my own. In the fall of 2007, the hunt begin. I was pretty impressed with the Tanzer 22s I'd seen so I started off looking for one close to home. This really didn't lead anywhere and I soon discoverd that I'd need to take a trip down the coast. In October of that same year, we headed for Maine. On the first night we stayed in Orono with a friend and to my surprise, he had a small sailboat, a West Wight Potter 19, in his garage. Well, he'd not sailed her for about 2 years and so we talked about it a bit and he said he'd be willing to sell her. So that first evening I crawled all over her, inside and out, and took some pictures and then went to bed. To be honest, I wasn't terribly impressed, and so the following day we headed for Portland to do more looking. It was there I finally got to meet Moby who had been a great help to me while I was making plans. After looking at some more Tanzers there and a few other larger boats, we headed back to Orono. Again I went out to the garage and sat in this little boat for a while. It was really starting to grow on me. I still hadn't made a decision, but after supper my mind was made up. I'd take her home, clean her up, and make her into something beautiful.